Based In Nottingham, UK

We are Squid Architects. We specialise in sustainable low-energy design and are passionate about architecture and the environment. Each project is unique. We do not cut and paste the same design for each project.

Matt Turner

Hi I'm Matt

I founded Squid Architects in 2019 so that I could focus my energy on designing sustainable, low energy homes. I initially wanted to study architecture whilst at school but decided to study Surveying and after completing my degree worked in London for many years, working for the NHS. This was a great experience and really helped me gain an understanding of how people use buildings.

It also illustrated what was inherently wrong with so many of them! I noticed a disconnect between architects and the people who use the buildings. I wanted to make a change: to design buildings which work. To design buildings and homes in collaboration with the building users. My objective was to create a seamless integration where the home becomes an extension of us.

I am passionate about good design and the environment. I currently work part-time at NTU (Nottingham Trent University), where I tutor architecture students. This enables me to learn about fresh new ideas and to continue my own journey of learning, whilst (hopefully!) giving something back to the students.

Our office is developing a strong reputation for timber frame construction including CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and Passive Homes.

My specialism is Sustainability. Some call it Green Architecture ,Eco Architecture, Low Energy Design. Whatever you call it, the principles are the same:

  • Create inspiring places to live
  • Homes that are warm to live in and require very little heating
  • Reduce energy bills for home-owners

Build using materials that are kind to the environment. We won’t choose ‘trendy’ materials. We will assist Clients to choose materials which derive from sustainable sources. Materials which have a low ‘Cradle to Grave’ carbon footprint.

Be sensitive our surroundings.  Our homes should be sensitive to the gardens, neighbours and communities around us.

For this reason, we choose our projects wisely.

It is important that our clients are open minded, prepared to be challenged and that they want to protect the environment.

We are constantly trying to push the boundaries to find the best designs and value for money for our clients.

Our office is very busy. If you are serious about your project, then please get in touch for an initial chat so what we can discuss the feasibility of your project in the first instance.