Architects in Nottingham


Who are we?
We are Squid Architects!

We are architects who specialise in sustainable low-energy design. We are passionate about architecture and the environment. We can provide cost-effective design and drawings or bespoke architectural design depending on your requirements.

If you want a creative approach to your project then we would be happy to help. We focus on high-quality design solutions. We experiment with materials and use architectural ideas to help create the inspiring places you want to live in.

Squid Architects work in the East Midlands region, predominantly in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We are happy to discuss interesting projects which are further afield.

Please check out our instagram page, which has regular news about our projects and free information and guides regarding all types of architectural project.

We are proud members of the ARB. The title architect is protected by law and only those who have the necessary training and qualifications can be on the architects register.

PolicyBee provides our Professional Indemnity Insurance. This gives our customers peace of mind that we offer protection if things go wrong (which hopefully they won’t). It also proves to our clients that we are meeting the stringent requirements of the ARB.

The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) is the Architects Professional Body. The RIBA promotes architecture, provides training with the aim of delivering better buildings.

We are proud to be partnered with LABC. This means we have a strong relationship with Building Inspectors, whom we use on our projects to give our clients the best possible service. You can visit our about us page for more information.

We are Nottingham’s leading sustainable architecture firm

Our familiarity with the local environment and, the experience of teaching at University, our construction experience and a broad network of consultants and contractors mean that we can assist you to find the right people for you.

We love to keep it local and work throughout the East Midlands. (This helps us to minimise our carbon footprint and we use Zoom, Google Chat and other software to help reduce meeting and transportation time and costs. Of course, we still love to get out and meet people! But we try and be responsible.

We are creative and love to find solutions to your problems.

Let us help you with forward-thinking design and construction planning. We can often find solutions to tricky pieces of land. We also live to explore different solutions for our clients where necessary.

specialising in custom homes and extension. we love to work with like-minded people. people who aspire to greatness and expect a lot from their homes.​